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Default Phone interview went wrong. Why?

Hey people,
I live in Belgrade, Serbia and yesterday I had an interview (over the phone) from Harding and brothers co from Southampton, England.
Everything went smoothly, I spoke to 2 girls and they were very satisfied with my fluent English and my previous experience (as a masseur), so on and so forth…
So after 15 min of talking they told me that they’ll let me know of a result in 5-7 days.
In 10 min I got an email saying that ‘my interview was unsuccessful…much luck in the future…blah,blah,blah’
You have any ideas why it happened? (they don’t wanna comment)
In my opinion I was ideal for a job (I’m 31, 2 years experience in massage, experienced in selling products and public speaking…(they need this), handsome, and everything…)
Any ideas why!?!?!
(maybe I was a bit too easy with the girls, like complementing then and stuff, but that’s how I am…)

Thanks for any insights,
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