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My husband and I are going to Canada on the Victory in Aug. How should we dress for dinners? My husband is self employed and NEVER has a need to look nicer than cotton slacks and a polo shirt. I have ugly legs and rarely wear dresses. I wear capris pants and cotten slacks to work. Do we need to go shopping? And how many nights do we have to look causual and how many formal? What is formal anyway?

Strictly, "formal" means "black tie" -- tuxedo or dinner jacket for gentlemen and a full length dress or formal cocktail dress for ladies. The cruise lines have adapted a modified standard of "formal" that admits a dark -- and I do mean DARK -- business suit, with dress shirt and necktie, for gentlemen.

For casual evenings, a polo shirt and slacks (Dockers, etc.) is the ticket for gentlemen and ladies generally wear a skirt or slacks and a nice top.

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