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Originally Posted by JeanS
Well, I think the US certainly dropped the ball to help the victims of Katrina. I cannot imagine having to live in those horrible conditions while in the richest country of the world.

At the same time, I cannot sympathize with those who insisting on staying after the mayor stated "This is the storm we've all feared". Although I know some people did not have the means to leave, it would have been nice if they loaded up a bunch of buses and got those people the heck out of there! And why didn't they open up the freeway in the opposite direction for people to leave?? Certainly no one was coming IN to town!
I agree about the US dropping the ball post-Katrina. Many things that were supposed to be in place were not.
It was chaotic.

There were so may people living in such poor circumstances ... and after the storm wreaked its havoc, they were left without homes to return to.

I can see the same thing happening to us in South Florida.
There are many people in inadequate housing ... people who may not be able to get out of town if a Cat 4 or 5 were bearing down on us.
These people might make it to a local shelter, but would possibly not have anything to return to.

Even with our highways all changed to go north, they would be clogged with people. There are only 2 major highways leading out of this area.

Having lived through 3 hurricanes in the last two years, I've seen how terrible the aftermath is in terms of survival and basic necessities. And our storms weren't anywhere near a Cat 4 or 5.
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