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Okay whining Americans and Brits I can just about accept. BUT, it depends on the WHINE.

I don’t like people that whine, when they never thought about the scenario in the first place, I don’t agree with them normally....but accept this one in a twisted sort of way.

And I mean this with great respect to my Continental American friends...but it’s due to your "internal" news coverage. Either on the TV or what is presented to you daily in newspaper coverage of the world as you see it. You don’t.......see it…and that is rest of us.


Some folks state side unless GWB has declared that War has broken out and troops have been sent to sort it out and to preserve something.

Would not actually care from day to day, or realise that they could be vacationing in another part of the world that is a potential "Hot Spot" as....NO ONE TOLD THEM, either from internal TV or the Government or the Newspaper coverage of thingsthat those papers seen as important in the world for their readers.

Ignorant Brits are just that and from our education system and TV and Newspaper coverage then should know better regarding the wider world and what is safe.
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