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I am also of the mind that neither of these incidences were Princess' fault. Naturally the Star was not, they are only guilty of trying to provide the nicest decking possible - teak. Passengers are warned every cruise not to throw cigarettes off the ship, and while we don't know for certain, that is the likley cause there.

In this incident, though "computer errors" are rare, it is not out of the realm of possibility that it is a computer error. Princess didn't build or program the computer, those are companies subcontracted by the shipbuilder. I highly, highly doubt this incident was caused by operator error because a turn going the wrong direction at top speed just isn't somthing you choose do, either by programming it or manually.

Look at the problems Cunard (QM 2) had before they were merged with the Princess operations, nothing since then. And those Cunard problems were also not their fault, it was the shipbuilders.

New ships often have problems - that has been shown countless times.

You know some of these shipbuilding companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, only kept going by low margin contracts and subsidies by their governments. They have been bailed out by the cruise lines many times.
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