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Sorry to be so late in responding but I've been off cruising!!!
Congratulations on your pregnancy, too!

About your points. The literature says points are good for 3 years and certificates for 1 year from date of issuance. What I believe will be you may wish to do is apply for your certificates two months or so before your points expire and then before your certificate expires book your cruise and send in your certificates. You will usually (although I've done it otherwise) have to use a credit card for your deposit, send in your certificates and if there is an overage (say if you had to deposit $200 and you send in a $500 certificate for a cruise that is $600) the $100 balance is refunded to you when final payment is received. You can book your cruise out as far as they will let you.

I've never had the opportunity to get close to having points expire because I use them suckers up as soon as I accrue them but I could have had some certificate problems when a cruise was changed because of Katrina. In that instance they said as long as the points with which the certificates were issued had not expired it was not a problem. In truth, they are so screwy in that department I don't think they could have tracked it back if they'd wanted to - but why test them.

Not sure that was any help, but holler if you need further info.

BigE, what we're talking about here is the MBNA credit card program. You can access is at and click on the icon. There are numerous postings about the details of the program if you use the search option.

However, do not confuse the MBNA program with the Latitudes program which is NCL's frequent floater program.
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