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We've sailed RCI, Carnival, NCL, Princess, Celebrity, and the nowdefunked Commodore. I sail it by price and itinerary. Now, having said that, remember I am the queen of freebies and love those MBNA points for NCL and dabbled with Carnival's SeaMiles program (yuk), but I think you owe it to yourself to try RCI. I mean, you don't always eat chocolate ice cream even though it's you favorite, do you?

We enjoyed experiencing the grandeur of the voyager class ships with RCL and even though we prefer freestyle or any time dining with NCL and Princess, I am not about to turn down a good deal with some one else.

There are several excellent web sites where you can compare prices by the week. One advertises here often and allows you to pick a week and destination and it lets you scroll through all the specials. Once you find the special offers you can usually get your TA to book that rate if you prefer not to use that internet company.

Since I know you've posted in the past about your mbna points, remember that you can still sail RCI while charging it and accruing NCL points for a later cruise.

As for your hubby - just leave those gorgeous brochures laying about the house - that oughta' do it!
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