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Originally Posted by Angelgal
Hey Allen, no "Singles travel agency" can tell you for a fact that their agency will attract what you are looking for because some singles get really angry if the agency makes them promises they can't keep. But I can tell you for a fact that singles will attract lots of singles from different ages. Most all of them are very fun singles to hang out with and make friends with.
There are some super picky singles who get really pisssed off if an agency doesn't produce what they are looking for. Sooooo..... their agencies will never tell you how great their group is for YOU!!
Thanks Angelgal for the advice! I have heard Vacations To Go does a good job for singles, I'm hesitating using them because they really sock it to us 'singles' with the price if we go alone. I know they will offer to find another person to share the cabin but I'm not going to do that. Carnival is better than most of the others as far as not ripping you off as much if you go alone.
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