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Originally Posted by Fern
Hi kimbo,

It's easy to quote:

Originally Posted by kimbo
I dont know how to quote but... I like the one magnolia said, "you don't always eat chocolate ice cream even though it's you favorite, do you? "
When you're in "Post a reply" just select, copy and paste what you want to quote and click on "Quote" above. If you want to say "Magnolia Blossom wrote", after the first [ quote], before the last bracket, put = "Magnolia Blossom" and you'll get Magnolia Blossom wrote:

If you want to send someone to another site on this board, copy the address shown in your browser, select, and click URL above. (This works for other sites but be careful not to violate the TOS here . For instance you can direct someone to a city's site, i.e., but not to another cruise site or commercial site. )

We've done the Eastern and Western Caribbean several times because I HATE to fly. Our next cruise leaves out of Ft. Lauderdale so I'm going to have to fly. Not looking forward to that, but at least we'll be seeing some new ports .
=Fern wrote

geeze!! I didnt even see that quote button staring me in the face. Thanks fern
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