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Hey Allen, all cruiselines sock it to you when you get a cabin to yourself. But you know what?...... it is worth every single dollar you pay to have your own cabin. Just close your eyes and pay the money.... that is what I do.

I recently returned from a cruise and had a roomie. The problem with most ships is that your closet is located right across the bathroom so roomies have to take turns getting dressed up. I had a considered roomie but I prefer to have my own cabin because of the tight space. I had to keep some of my clothes in my luggage because of lack of storage space for small items.

I have heard that guys do okay with the match programs because they are easier to get along with. Some of us gals like me.... carry everything but the kitchen sink. I have to curl my hair.... do my make-up....find what I am going to wear for the day.... blow dry my hair after taking a shower... etc.
But... I have heard that some guys hog up the bathroom by having to shave.... leave wet towels on the bed (bad habit), leave drawers open eventhough they are finished getting something out of the drawer. Those are minor problems that guys can live with. You have to set the rules of what is acceptable with you when you first meet your roomie.
You can also try to find your own roomie on this message board too.

Allen....put your deposit down on the Pride because it is a fun ship plus you will be with lots of fun singles and have a blast.
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