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David has pretty well summed it up for you. I concur that the Valor is a really great ship, and no doubt you'll enjoy it. As far as the wine goes, the only thing I can tell you is that the lovely Mrs. Jones (Vita) did go for plenty of the wine aboard the Valor last time we sailed her, so I hope there is some left for you. As you can tell from her name, she's Italian, and had no problem at all with the wine aboard. Once again, you'll throughly enjoy that part of the cruise too.
In reference to the cabin, I'd go for deck 9 if available. Deck 8 midship, and aft will be under the pool area, or the buffet area (Rosies) and you might hear some noise there. If 9 wasn't available, then go for deck 8, forward, or anywhere on deck 7.
Have a great time!
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