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My son is now concerned that there will not be ENOUGH kids on board the Summit after doing some Googling on Celebrity's demographics

There seemed to be about 250 or 300 (?) kids or so on the Summit New Years 2004 cruise we were on, but that was to the Carribean, and out of Florida.

Not sure what to expect for the Los Angeles run to Hawaii and back for Christmas and New Years. No clue. Does it draw an older crowd than the "Ultimate Caribbean" were on before? Anybody have any insights?

Ian is looking forward to the under 21 disco they run until the wee hours most evenings He was told they only do it when there are enough young people.

There are no guarantees, of course, but ALL cruises over the holday periods tend to draw a LOT of families with children of all ages.

There's also another dynamic affecting cruises out of southern California. Quite a few school districts in that area, faced with a problem of rapid population growth, have adopted a staggered schedule whereby a third of the students are always on their long vacation. IIRC, they divide the calendar year into four quarters and have a class enter at the beginning of each quarter. After entry, each class attends school for two quarters then has a vacation of one quarter. They also divide each school building into two sections. At the end of each quarter, the class that enters or reurns from break goes into the section vacated by the class that's going on vacation. This approach allows each school to serve 50% more students than it might otherwise, but it also means that 1/3 of the students are always on their extended vacation (which would be "summer vacation" elsewhere). As a result, you'll find a lot of families with school age children on cruises that operate from southern California at any time of year.

That said, I have also seen a significant number of school age children on several cruises that I took a times of the year when I would not have expected very many school age children. For example, there were a LOT of school age children on my 14 night transatlantic cruise aboard MV Galaxy last October, when I would not have expected very many because most schools are in session. The "teen disco" was cranking every night on that voyage.

BTW, I think that the "teen disco" is for "Under 18" rather than "Under 21."

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