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Well I was booked on this Cruise and from all appearances Celebrity has yanked the rug out from under us.
My TA can not get valid information from Celebrity either.
This is one lousy job of taking care of their customers as Celebrity has not even had the decency to let their paying customers know.
I am sure that Celebrity is not the first line to pull this stunt, but their handling of this matter and lousy customer service will cause me to reevaluate booking future cruises on Celebrity.

Don't go off the deep end. I'ts said that the first three reports from the field are always wrong.

In this case, it appears that some people jumped to conclusions based on a possible rumor and the fact that a future cruise apparently disappeared from Celebrity's web site. Let's get this in perspective.

>> 1. Celebrity routinely pulls future cruises from the web site when they have full waiting lists because There's no point in continuing to advertise a cruise that is no longer available for purchase. Thus, the fact that a cruise no longer appears on the web site is not of much significance.

>> 2. If there is a change, as indicated by the rumor, Celebrity's staff probably are still sorting out the details. It's still nine months before sail date, so there will be plenty of time to rebook when the dust settles. It's better to get everything settled and make one definitive announcement, if a change is necessary, than to make speculative announcements that can only cause confusion.

>> 3. Celebrity has a track record of being very fair with compensation when there are changes in ships' schedules. If there's a change, passengers who are already booked probably will have the option of either cancelling, for a full refund, or rebooking in the same category on any other cruise of equal duration before the end of next year with some shipboard credit thrown in to sweeten the pot.

Let's wait for the official announcement rather than rushing to tar and feather people before we have the details.

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