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Some final comments in response.

Norm, Reading the report it was not a situation of Dream assisting. It looks like the cargo ship was transversing lanes to seek an out of the way area to lay while fighting the fire onboard and was apparently not seen by Dream and struck. Certainly the cargo ship was not where she should be and was unexpected, still it is almost unimaginable that whith all the radars and bridge personal that the Dream managed to collide with her. Perhaps an unfair assessment by me not being a seaman, just hard to imagine.

I would find it hard to beleive that Princess would merely change the duties of whomever they deemed responsible for this error. estimations range from 5 to 16 million dollar cost of this indicent to the cruiseline. I cannot see a corporate entity not taking a rather harsh position both on the culprit and probably his superior. Ultimately the Master of the ship holds all authroity and subsequently all responsibility. I would be shocked if this was not a career breaker for two or more people.

Hippy, Yes looters and New York I can see the conclusion drawn and I can't say that it would be totally unfounded. however I must offer some defense and clarity to what is often a generalization regarding New Yorkers and the state. I do admit that on recent sailings from NY I did note that during the sales ontable tops in the atrium there was a unifored security person assigned to the area. Presumably to prevent possible shoplifting. I have not seen that generally on ahips so maybe a reaction to sailing from NY with many New Yorkers. I wil also admit that the dress code can be somewhat lossely interpreted by some of my fellow NY's at least those from the boroughs around Manhattan. Still I point out that a large portion of the state, matter of fact 98 % of it probably, is farm country and many. many New Yorkers have never even seen the City. Most of New York is indeed rural. The NY cruises also are populated by a vast surrrounding area as well such as Jersey, Penn, Mass, RI, Vermont, Maryland, Delaware and so forth.

I will also defend New Orleans looting with exception. After days of no response by government I would guess that I too would consider breaking into various stores for supplies to survive justified. I do think that those that decided plasma TV's were a necessary survival article might have been absolved as simply being to stupid to be held accountable. In any group, NY or otherwise, there are always those that should have been recycled at birth, what can I say
George in NY
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