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I am glad princess came out with this release and said the truth, I think it is extremely important for their reputation and veracity to come clean about the incident, and I commend them for doing so.

The truth is, it was obvious it was human error from the time the line announced it was continuing on from Port Canaveral and it had been determined that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the ship that would preclude it from continuing to operate. That statement implies human error was the cause, but I was just waiting for Princess to say it themselves before I pointed it out.

Good work Princess, though it is hard to admit someone made an error, it is better for the public to know the situation is now under control. The ship is as safe as any other ship at sea, and considering hoe rare such errors are, that is pretty safe.

However, I can point out than not too long ago (less than two years) Princess had another listing incident where few were injured, but it was also attributed to human error. I'm guessing we are looking at a few procedural changes.
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