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Well I was booked on this Cruise and from all appearances Celebrity has yanked the rug out from under us.
My TA can not get valid information from Celebrity either.
This is one lousy job of taking care of their customers as Celebrity has not even had the decency to let their paying customers know.
I am sure that Celebrity is not the first line to pull this stunt, but their handling of this matter and lousy customer service will cause me to reevaluate booking future cruises on Celebrity.

I am a loyal member of Celebrity and am ashamed of their lack of communication. My TA also had difficulty with their management. They have beautiful ships, but of course with pod problems particularly with the Infinity. I don't understand why they have such intradepartmental confusion in their offices, but they do. April of 2007 change however is enough time for people to make changes. I had a cruise cancelled two days before departure.
I get mad just hearing these things, and wish I could just drive down there and straighten it out.
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