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Originally Posted by Dave the Wave
The way I understand it, you have to have accompanied them on all ten of those cruises. My kids have been on 5 with me now. By the time they are 18 it will be 10. But if I go on 10 plus, do my kids become Diamonds even if they did not go on 10? I didn't think so....
Ddave after my daughter turned 18-her cruises did transfer over-she has her own membeship # now-but I would think only the cruises your sons went with you would transfer though-my guess-I don't know as our daughter has been with us on every RCI cruise we have taken-she just will not be with us next year as we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary on JOS-so she is not invited!!!!!

Will your boys be with you on Mariner of the Seas? I asked because we loved the atruim staterooms but they only sleep two people. Our daughter shared another stateroom with her friend-so she was not with us.

The atruim staterooms are less then oceanviews but slightly higher then an inside-and are alot of fun! I enjoyed watching the promande from there.
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