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Originally Posted by Dave the Wave
Yes, they are going and very excited about it. We have a larger ocean view on deck 9 booked. I asked in another post if anyone had been in one. It is 9218 all the way forward and 211 SF. It is right under the bridge. There are three on each side and this one is first next to balcony cabins. The two forward have sloped walls that take away from the space.

No, offense but to have a prom stateroom to view the "mall" takes away from the feeling of being at sea.
Oh no offense-we just wanted something differant. we have done inside, oceanview, balconies. Only on RCI voyager class do you get this experience. so we decide dto go for it! We love the balconies but they were too pricy for us on this cruise and we decided just to go for an atruim stateroom.

It is a shame you can 't get one that holds more people. Those parades were so crowded-wall to wall people -it was really nice to watch from there!

Also you had the "feel" of looking over a mall. Our staterom was great-we were on deck 7 going toward the library. Now my daughter and her friend were over the irish pub and even though there was a stateroom directly below them they could still hear the people in the pub.

We were over the liquor store. I guess it was quieter in there!
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