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haha me and my brother toooootally avoided it last time we were on a cruise at royal caribbean.

We were on the top deck looking at the sites on the boat, both me and my bro together. and everyone was at the top of the boat with us right before we went into the arcade. We spent like 10 minutes in there then came out and it was like the boat was mass evacuated (it was our first time on there, so we had no idea about the muster drill).

we couldn't hear a thing in the arcade and no one came in there to check. we ran into a worker or two when we left the arcade and they tried to explain to us what was going down but they decided better of it and told us to go to our room and just wait in it. we pulled out the red tag and sat in our room for like 10 minutes, but because we were already 15 or 20 minutes late no one was around checking haha. We shoulda just stayed in the arcade.
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