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I for one appreciate that Princess Cruise Line stepped up to the plate on this one.. Having reseverations to sail on this ship Sept 3d, I have been watching closely any news related to the incident last week. I had no intention of cancelling my trip but did have serious concerns as to what would cause a cruise ship to tip so heavily as this ship did and if there were to be more problems prior to my sailing then I would in turn ask for my money back.. Hearing that it was human error does not assure me that this won't happen again, but there are no real assurances in any mode of travel.. It was also good to hear that the injured passengers are doing well as I had not heard much information about that for a few days..

True. How many airplanes have crashed due to human error in attempting to land?

Of course, every problem ultimately traces to human error. It might be the human who designed an unstable system, or the human who did not assemble something properly, or the human who fabricated a defective part, or the human whose not-so-thorough inspection failed to notice that a part was wearing out during routine service, or the human who wrote a computer program with "bugs" in it, or any of a myriad of other human errors having nothing whatsoever to do with the operators, but it is ultimately human error nonetheless.

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