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Originally Posted by Daisy
You are not supposed to take alcohol on board. They request that you leave it at the relevant desk. Having said that the drinks are so expensive on board that it's enough to make anybody teatotal! Was amazed to find that the brandy was cheaper that a standard white wine. Assumed this was because people would automatically order white wine and more of it was sold, therefore NCL making yet more profit.
Daisy, I just noticed you are from England, that partly explains your views on the cost of drinks and the tipping policy. I have probably come across as a real crab, I really am not, and I realize your country has totally different policies. While we were on the Jewel last fall (btw, it was our favorite ship) we were traveling with several from Great Britian and they all were appalled at the cost of drinks. Some didn't approve of the tipping policy either. Of course we were shocked when breakfast ata the Gatwick Hilton, with a 10% added tip or service charge, came to $36.00 per person as well. I guess it all works out the same. i am glad you enjoyed the food and the cabin.
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