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Let me start by saying I am not a smoker,watching my Grandma die of emphysema was a good deterent. However this never cured my Mother. My brother and I hounded her for years to stop she always promised she would. Now we have accepted she will quit if/when she is ready.

I hate the way cigarette smoke smells just like any other non-smoker, but that said I also feel smokers have rights also, just because I don't agree with smoking doesn't give me the right to push my beliefs off on other people. Smokers KNOW it is not healthy, but it is their bodies. I just remove myself from the path of second hand smoke, and yes it can be annoying, but I get the last laugh when I see all these people standing outside my office building in 10 degree weather.

As for the balconie's. I always get a balcony if the ship has them, and I have to say I have been lucky. I rarely even seen anyone next to me outside. But I guess I'm too busy enjoying my cruise to sit on the balcony for a long period of time.

I have one complaint though! I have bad allergies and hate perfume/cologne so can everyone stop wearing it so I can be more comfortable, thank you in advance.
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