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Originally Posted by popsec
Originally Posted by Fieldmouse
As that fair that we should have to continue to smell your smoke AFTER you leave!!! That our clothes, luggage, blankets, pillows, towels and even toilet tissue should REAK of the stink of smoke days after you have left? Cleaning with the strongest cleaner can't get the stench out...and this is YOUR RIGHT to hoist on us???

Please don't pull out that tired old horse, "I hate women/men who pour on the perfume/after shave or people with bad body odor". It's not the same and you know it!

You know, it's not just smelling your stinky smoke while you are on board...but AFTER you have don't take the smoke with you!
OK.....was gonna stay out of this but these last statements were just hogwash! Non smokers go on about second hand smoke killing and the the poster brings up the leftover smell of smoke. Obviously you may find the smell offensive but it's certainly not harmful to your health. Anymore than having a drunk breathing alcohol fumes in your face! I for one, find that totally offensive but harmful to my health....probably not as long as they aren't planning to operate the ship
YES...breathing in second hand smoke CAN be more than just offensive! Bad body odor is offensive and you may feel like you're going to die...but unless there is a certain allergic trigger in the odor you won't. (e.g. they're diry and have mold, dust or have animal hair on them adding to the mix)

BUT second hand smoke is MORE than just a smell. There is particulate matter in the smoke which acts like a trigger to those who are allergic or who have asthma.

If you don't have asthma or lung disease, you can't possibly know the feeling of drowning or being smothered because of a lack of air. You will do anything to avoid that feeling...of slow death... say that second hand smoke is just offensive and holds no health consequences is to take an uninformed stand.

Would you feel as strongly about personal rights, if the issue was not about smoking...but let's say???? .... a noise issue?

A passenger in the cabin next to yours insists on blasting his CD player on his veranda with music you personally can't stand. He even plays it at night while you are trying to sleep....But You really notice this while you and your pardner are out on your veranda trying to enjoy a sunset/sunrise or port entry, there is that loud music...blasting away.

Not only that, but there he is, playing this loud music while you are trying to read quitely on deck. So you move, but you can still hear it...drifting up from the deck below or across the room. It offends you, distrubs your peace.

The final straw...he plays it while your trying to enjoy a conversation with a friend in the out door's like he is following you around...playing this very loud obnoxious music... you can't escape it....and its giving you a headache! But, no use's his right!

But I'd bet you'd complain...a lot! He's ruining your cruise...crossing the line, infringing on your rights!
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