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Originally Posted by momma3
Originally Posted by slynn
Hi and your son will love it! I am also going to be on the same cruise with my 7 year old granddaughter (her 7th cruise) and my 3 year old granddaughter (her 1st cruise). Being single I really like the ease of cruising and have converted my eldest granddaughter to a cruising maniac. Everytime we leave the ship she is already counting down to the next cruise. This is only my 2nd time on NCL, I usually cruise on Royal Caribbean (11), Carnival (4) and Disney (1), but from everthing I have read it looks like a very kid friendly ship. I think the freestyle dining will work great with kids. If you have any questions please let me know and I will try to answer.

I hope to meet you on the ship. I know my son will be hooked too! He is nervous right now because he has never done anything like this. I think it sounds great for kids. I wonder though if they ever let 12 year olds join in with the next age group? But if they don't he is still going to have a blast. I read that it is best to not book excursions before hand because they are cheaper if you don't but then I also read that if you don't they book up fast. We don't plan on doing too much off the boat but a couple things maybe. What is your idea on that. I also am looking into a way to get to NY pier without my truck because the parking there is outragious! I'll be looking forward to meeting you
Momma, make sure you do get off at each port even is you do not do a tour and do a few. This is part of the fun of cruising. We always do something our first time in any port. After once, sometimes we don't even get off the ship. As for not booking beforehand, the price will be the same. I think what you may be referring to is booking private tours instead of through the cruise line. Many times you can just get off the ship and get together with another couple or another mom and kid and find a driver to take you around or maybe find a snorkeling trip, etc. I might suggest you go to the roll call section here or on CC and plan to get together the first night with some others, It's a great way to get to know other people and make some plans.

BTW: NCL is very strict about the age groups for the kids programs. Just look at it this way: he won't be the only 12 year old in that group. I am sure they will hang out together most of the time. NMNita :
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