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Default Time Share "Gifts"....

I'll bet just about everyone reading this has received a phone call or a post card ad in the mail, telling you there is a wonderful gift reserved for you, and all you have to do is sit through a 90-minute presentation for a time-share property.

We've done this at least twice: Once in Hawaii about 20 years ago, garnering free Luau tickets (we felt it was worth the 90 minute pitch), and once a few years back, receiving a free trip to the Hilton Las Vegas (also worth the 90 minute pitch to us)...

Most of the others we've tossed....but one came in the mail yesterday offering a "free" 7-day Carnival cruise for two (our of either Los Angeles or Miami). We called them. You have to pay the taxes and port fees, which they said come to $296/per person (that sounds high to me) and restrictions on the cruise are that you can't go on major holidays or peak travel periods. The travel period restrictions are not really a problem for us, as our children are grown and our jobs allow us to take our vacation time pretty much whatever time of year we want to (and we know that the first two weeks in December are usually considered one of the "low" periods, and our wedding anniversary falls in those weeks!).

Does anyone know how much the taxes and port fees REALLY are on a Carnival cruise? So far, the cheapest 7-day Carnival cruise we've found out of Los Angeles was about $549/per person. That's still a savings of about $250 per person, which IMO would be worth the 90 minutes spent listening to their sales talk before saying "No" (which we do very well!)....

Has anyone else done anything like this....and if so, was it legit? How did it turn out for you? Any other restrictions other than what they told us over the phone? (With a $250 discount on the cheapest price, we could afford to upgrade to a nicer room, if upgrades are allowed)....
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