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This was posted today by the moderator on another board. Needless to say, there are a lot of people upset about this. Agree with Manuel - the point is we wanted this itinerary at this date. And the Bar at the Edge already switched, they now have Cirque in the theater.

As previously speculated, It is now confirmed that the 4/13/07 Constellation sailing that was previously a 10 night Ultimate Caribbean, is now a Transatlantic sailing. It appars that Celebrity has overhauled Constellation's Drydock schedule, and this is what has caused all the changes.

At least we know our original 10 night Ultimate Caribbean sailing is cancelled, and those on the 4/23/07 TA sailing, know that their TA is happening on 4/13/07 instead.

Furthermore, the 5/5/07 Scandanavia and Russia sailing is also cancelled, and the 9/20/07 7 night Westbound TA, is now a 12 night Westbound TA departing on 9/15/07 from Dover.

While we are very unhappy, at least we can put this to rest. I would suggest you call your Travel Agent or if you booked on your own... call Celebrity. More details are available as of this morning.

Good Luck to everyone who had bookings on these sailings !

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