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Good Morning All,

We are still under the triple H weather. It is already almost 80. It never did rain yesterday - I would assume that some thunderheads would build today. My house is about 85 too hot in the office to do paper work. If it rains tonight I'll attack it first thing tomorrow morning.

Had a nice lunch with old friend last night, then a walk with my niece making our loop to end up at the Gazebo in the park to enjoy the end of the Band Concert - which my dd plays her French horn in and my brother plays the baritone horn. It was much cooler done there by the river, and not overly buggy.

Today lunch at an older lady from our church home. She has invited a few of us for to join her. She lives at the bottom of my street so I'll just walk down.

Have tons of errands to do before and after. The grocery store will be nice and cool.

Nothing planned for the weekend - dh is on call so we can't go anywhere anyway. Maybe dd and niece and I will think of something fun to do.

Hope you all have fun plans for this weekend!
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