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Originally Posted by Phyllbo
Carole, I was in chat a few times last night, but only one other person, who just seemed to want to stir things up, was there each time I checked.
Phyll: I told you I was grouchy yesterday. (I'll go check the log and see if they were too nasty)

No: I was in bed quite early last night and accomplished very little.

Today will be "Chew out the water heater guy." We had a new water heater installed to replace our 17 year old one that wasn't running as well as it used to. Well, the new one is worse. I gave them the ultimatum to put in one that gives me at least 50 gallons of 130 degree water or upgrade to a more expensive model. I'm so tired of dealing with incompetence. You pay a crap load of money just to end up with something that is worse than you had. They said they'll make it right with no extra charges. They better, I'm not nice when I'm angry.

He'll be out at 10:00 a.m. If it isn't fixed I will unleash my WBD. Weapon of Betty Destruction. Now that's scary.

I hope everyone has a good Friday and a FANTASTIC weekend.

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