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Originally Posted by Dave the Wave
I don't know if anything brings as much attention as a Speedo. Will be tough to beat. 8)

The girls act like they are repulsed by them yet at the same time, they are fascinated. Really weird.....
You know I have been racking my brain for a speedo story-and I guess I don't pay that much attention to them-I do remember about 10 years ago we spent a wek in Orando and hit all the parks including a waterpark that was affialted with sea world-we got these special tickets-that allowed us to go there, Sea world and Universal Studios for 5 days.

Well at the waterpark was this guy from somewhere in the middle east. Strong, tall ,muscular and very attractive inhis speedo style suit-until I got near him-he had very bad BO-likehee had not bathed in a year. I was ready to leave that park!

You know Dave, I usually notice things when there is a negative effect there-like the old man with the beer gut and butt crack. If people look okay in their whatever they are wearing I do not pay that much attention.

Now I also remember a young woman-no more then 25 who was at least a size 16-18 and she had on a g-string bikini. I found that pretty gross! Now I know many say-you should be able to wear what you want to-blah-blah-blah and I agree to an extent-but why put yourself in a bad light? This young woman would not had looked half bad in a tankini. In the right suit she could have looked 30 pounds thinner.

so I guess I just don't notice as much when a person looks good in their skimpy attire. I just notice the ones that look bad-or in the case of the one guy-smell bad.
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