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There are certain aspects of this discussion I have a problem with.

Being Irish/European, if I go to a restaurant, supermarket, or any other product/service providers place of business, I assume the employees providing that service are adaquately paid by their employer. If not, then I'll bring my business elsewhere. If Business A, charges €10, and underpays his/her workers, whilst Business B charges €12, and pays his/her staff well, then Business B will get my Custom. I stopped shopping at my local supermarket, upon discovering that they underpay their staff. SO PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CALL ME CHEAP.

I do however, as a consumer have certain expectations. If I see a price list stating that a carton of Milk is €1.50, a loaf of Bread is €1, and a packet of Cheese is €2.50, then I expect to be able to go to the counter with a €5 note, and walk away with the aforementioned items. If the shopkeeper added an extra euro to my bill, then I'd bring my business elsewhere, even if the elsewhere charged more for the individual products.

I resent the implication that not tipping is, amongst other descriptions used here, "cheap". I try to live up to my responsability of making sure that those who provide me with service are rewarded for doing so. I also insist however that when availing of a service that the price of the service is laid out in front of me in plain English, Black and White, and Clear as Crystal. That's what europeans expect from service providers, and insulting our customs/expectations just because they aren't the same as your own, is, well... insulting.

I will tip if a server goes above, and beyond the call of duty - I do however expect the fullfillment of the duty to be included in the price laid out in front me - Black and White, and clear as crystal, with no hidden extras. I will also pay according to the service I received - not the price of a meal. Americans on the other hand don't seem to expect such clarity when they order something. It seems that when they look at a price tag, they automaticly and mentally add an extra x% for tips / Sales Tax / etc. That may be the way you do things in America, BUT BUT BUT!


Cruises are marketed to an International Audience. Not just americans. When going on a cruise ( particularly so if It's a P&O[british] or Costa[Italian], trip to the Mediternian ), that I booked through my local European travel agent, I have European expectations from the service provider to pay their staff sufficiently, and not to charge me any more than was outlined in the Menu/Pricelist.[/b]
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