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Become friends with your Maitre'D and your Waiters... they will go to the ends of the earth to make sure you are contented if they like you... also.. it's always good to become friends with the waiter, because he will make your dining experience ever so much better... I had a waiter named Hakan Demircan (see he was soo amaizing i remember his full name) on the Explorer of the Seas July 06... and that fellow was a cad... he would come to the table... do magic tricks... tell jokes... he even pulled a "whale joke" that had four or five tables around us looking out into the ocean searching for the non-existing whale...

the Maitre'D's are always trying to find ways to better your dining experience... they are there for you... this past trip on the doomed voyage of the Infinity... my Maitre'D Mario helped me pull a prank involving giving a picture of Batman Bear to one of my table mates several times during the week...

Life working on a cruise ship is hard.. especially on the wait and cleaning staff.. i know waiters only get 1 lunch a week off... So when they have people at their tables who joke around with them... they usually (because i have had one that didn't) enjoy getting the chance to joke...

but if this is the case... and your waiters and maitre'd has provided excellent service above the regular... than the typical tip... is not substantial...
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