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Default Lawsuits and high fuel cost effect Carnival and others

Do uthink dozens or more lawsuits and high fuel cost will damage the cruise industry; esp. Carnival. I am afraid the lawsuits are brewing. Everybody wants a piece of Carnival since the recent incident on Crown Princess. I've read many are seeking legal presentation. It wasn't enough that the cruiseline offered 50% off there cruise and a full refund. We as cruise finatics will have to pay the cost of the frivalous lawsuits in addition to the legitmate ones.
The high fuel cost alone is damaging the cruise industry. How much longer could they continue to sell the cruises at fantastic prices. 4nt All-Inclusive cruise for 199.00. You see my point. Don't stress yourself about this but look at the bigger picture.
Speaking of fuel cost, you would think you need a second job to pay for gas these days. I saw on the news the other day some people were pawning things from there homes just to buy gasoline. I also saw where activist were leading protests against high gas prices. Here in Atlanta, gas is at 3.00 a gallon.


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