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Originally Posted by slynn
Hey Momma3

It would be great to meet up with you and your son. I am not going to book any excursions until I get on the ship. I was thinking about going to Seaworld when we dock in Port Canaveral but I have had second thoughts. With the time involved in traveling from the pier I think it may be too short of a time to spend at Seaworld and since it is the 3 year olds first cruise I am afraid she might have a "melt down"! Instead I am looking at the beach excursion because it has a shuttle that runs every 30 minutes back to the ship. In Nassau I am thinking about catching a cab and going to Atlantis. I have been there before and it is amazing. If ya'll want to share a cab let me know. I am flying in from Dallas early on the 13th. I usually fly in the night before but this time my schedule wouldn't cooperate.
Thanks SLynn
I do plan to do something at each port. I just don't know how far from the boat I will wander away Yes, I can remember my boys at 3 yrs. I could see major "melt down"! What is Atlantis? We are leaving Illinois on the 11th and arriving in Lancaster PA that evening. Then taking a train from PA to NY. It was a little steap for parking at the pier, and gas so we decided on the train. Niether of us have ever been on a train either so this vacation is quite the adventure for us.
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