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I believe that I started a war that will go on forever! My two cents worth is this: I have no problem tipping on a cruise! I don't like to have to be told by a cruise company how much or have it done as a service charge! As I stated at the beginning of this thread, I believe that a tip should be given to those who deserve it! I am currently booked on a HAL cruise for November and I have read that they will add the tip to your account and you can adjust it accordingly. I will if necessary. I will also give cash to those who personally have made vacation better. Though I do not agree with Tokyo Rose on many points, I do think it to be quite ridiculous to be tipping chief housekeepers or any other so called management or supervisory postions. The cruise companies should pay them a decent enough wage to make sure the cruising experience is up to par. My own opinion is that NCL dropped the ball in making the mandatory tip. We recieved bad dining service unless we used the pay resteraunts and it was quite obvious that they could care less! To me tipping is personel, I wish to reward people personally and the NCL "Resort Charge" is an absolute disgrace. I hope that this trend does not become common on other major cruise lines!

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