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Default Re: Sun With glasses

Originally Posted by SnowWhiteNYC
I actually can remeber my room number, but I still decorate my door. For this cruise, 18 days away, on the Legend I have a large yellow sun that "poofs" out. He's wearing dark shades.

My door decorations make me smile, and make a lot of people passing the cabin smile too!

I will admit that once my dear husband (dh) used the sun to lead him in the right direction after several cocktails. :0)
SnowWhite.........I can't believe you have the same one I do. It's one of those flag that you put up outside your house on a pole, but I have magnets on mine in the back and will be putting it on the balcony when we are in port. It's really cute. I used it on my last cruise also, but for the front door. People loved it and always commented on it. Most telling me it made it easier to find their own cabin.

I hope everyone has a wonderful cruise!
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