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i am going to get brave and put my 2 cents in here. i for one do not own a gown or formal dress anymore that fits. that is my own fault i know, but that is how it is for me. and i wouldnt pack and lug one around even if i did. i have wonderful dressy clothes that look very nice and acceptible on formal nights but they would not be considered a floor length gown for the night.

i have read many lines here about '' following the cruise line rules on the dress code ''. how about the cruise lines are enforcing its own rules. on every board there are comment about kids in the adult only pool and hot-tubs. or how about teens hanging out all over the ship drunk and causing problems. and other rules being broken on the ship and being ignored by the staff. and please dont tell me this does not happen on the higher end of the cruiselines. it is happening on every line according to the cruise message boards.

when the rules on the cruise lines specifically says ball-room gown for formal night i will '' think '' about it, but that is as far as it will go. when the lines enforce their rules then i will abide by the ones they specify. untill then i will be in my silky palazo pants, glitzy top, wearing nice jewlery and strappy heels. and i will be very comfortable and look presentable and fit right in.

there is a saying and it goes like this--some people have the personality of a stale cracker. very dry and tasteless. i seem to be seeing that here.
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