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I can't believe you are STILL trying to control the world, and enforce dresscodes on cruises. Three years ago, I saw your post, and you're still saying the same thing, as others are still saying that they want to ENJOY their vacation, and not be bound by clothing.

I'm still in my same frame of mind too. A smile is the most beautiful thing you can drape yourself in, on any given night. A formally dressed couple with glances around the dining room to evaluate others, is not in my opinion an asset to the ambiance in the room.

A warm and friendly guest with a beautiful smile and appropriate, if not perfectly suited clothing, is very welcome in my atmosphere. Let's reasonable here, we're not talking about shorts and tshirts here, most people have a good idea of what reasonable is, and follow close to the guidelines.

The under 50 generation is not going to support these strict dresscodes for much longer, they are into enjoyment for all, that's why you see the NCL freestyle attitude and windstar becoming popular. I don't want to be relegated to only certain cruiselines, because my husband doesn't like to wear a coat on vacation. We are into bringing large family groups and don't want to burden less fortunate members of the family into needing a whole new wardrobe for each family member for a week of vacation.

It's not about what you can afford, it's about being on vacation, we live in a FREE LAND.

To each his own, and wear it with a smile, you'll enjoy yourself alot more if you do!
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