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Originally Posted by Manuel
As of this date, we were forced to book a Carnival cruise. How could Celebrity do this to us? We will miss the conceirge class, the champage greeting when boarding, the in-cabin breakfast and the overall service that Celebrity is famous for. But a cruise is a cruise and when April rolls around, after our New England winters, we are ready for the Carribean.
Let's hope that Celebrity will not be cancelling our Alaska cruise in July, '07 or we will really have a problem.


P.S. thank you for the info CruzNut.
I can assure you that Celbrity did not single you out and do this on purpose. I don't know why they changed the itinerary, but I think you are do an explanation. I would like you to post the explanation later. If you cannot get an explanation, I think you have a gripe and should continue to press the point.
I had a cruise cancelled by Celebrity two days before departure. Can you imagine the hassle I had to go through cancelling all the pre-arrangements I had made?
I still like Celebrity, but I think you are due an explanation. My explanation was that the ship lost one of the pods and had to go into dry dock.
Please continue to press the pont, for if you don't the Cruise line will suffer poor publicity. I do like Celebrity and wish them to improve and explain their decisions.
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