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tipping the chief of housekeeping in my opinion is quite silly... i never saw the man... he never PERSONALLY came to my room walked in inspected it... he never said good morning to me... or good night... ... and it has only been in extreme recent years that they started that... course i never had to tip before... but i don't remember my parents mentioning tipping the COH... I can understand tipping the Maitre'D if or When he visits your table... my past Maitre'D did a marvelous job... so yes.. tips for him.... tipping waiter... yes also expected... asst. waiter is expected.. and my roomkeeper that's expected... but... the COH is sort of strange

I have heard from several waiters that if the mediterraen wasn't as beautiful and terrific to travel to... they wouldn't want to go there, because the europeans don't tip well... they feel short changed... so they already have low expectations when they walk onto one of those ships to work... which means.... they aren't going to try as hard, because they know their service wont be as appreciated financially as it is in the American Hemisphere...
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