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As previously speculated, It is now confirmed that the 4/13/07 Constellation sailing that was previously a 10 night Ultimate Caribbean, is now a Transatlantic sailing. It appars that Celebrity has overhauled Constellation's Drydock schedule, and this is what has caused all the changes.

The parent company's latest press release may shed some light on this. Note the following paragraph.

We continue to successfully implement energy conservation initiatives and enhancements in types and sourcing of fuels. In addition to many smaller projects such as using LED lights, reflective window film treatment and restructuring itineraries, the company recently concluded a contract for the installation of diesel generators on our gas turbine ships. This project should generate significant savings in fuel costs. The first installation is scheduled for April 2007. In addition, the company has embarked on a program, on its gas turbine ships, to use limited quantities of biodiesel, which is a fuel made from vegetable oil feed stocks such as soy bean or palm oil. Biodiesel has significant environmental benefits, including lower NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) emissions, as well as being a renewable energy source. (boldface added)

The company's "gas turbine ships" include the four vessels of the Millennium class. Thus, it appears that GTS Constellation is heading to the yards for installation of at least one diesel generator. It's not clear that she will go into drydock or not, as installation of a diesel generator normally would not require drydocking the vessel.

Now, a few questions....

>> 1. Will the new diesel generator(s) augment or replace existing gas turnbine generators?

>> 2. Will the ship retain her present classification as a Gas Turbine Ship (GTS) or be reclassified as a Motor Vessel (MV)?

>> 3. Will the "Bar at the Edge of the Earth" decor that makes the disco loook like a dump go away while she is in the yards?

Inquiring minds want to know....

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