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I can't believe you are STILL trying to control the world, and enforce dresscodes on cruises.

No, I'm not trying to control the world. I'm just trying to give people straight answers.

What's tolerated aboard ship varies considerably from one line to another. Celebrity, in particular, seems to be enforcing dress codes. Carnival apparently is not. So be it.

The under 50 generation is not going to support these strict dresscodes for much longer, they are into enjoyment for all, that's why you see the NCL freestyle attitude and windstar becoming popular.

Some are, and some are not. There is a signifcant number of "under fifty" folks who really do enjoy dressing up for a formal evening. In fact, one of the attractions of cruising today is that it's one of the few times when many people have an occasion for which to dress up!

It's not about what you can afford, it's about being on vacation, we live in a FREE LAND.

Yes, and you and I each have the freedom to choose a vacation package that includes "formal" evenings or one that does not. To choose a vacation package that includes "formal" evenings and then not to dress properly for the occasion, however, is an abuse of freedom. Other people have paid to participate in those "formal" evenings, and they have every right to expect that all participants will come properly attired because attire is part of what makes the "formal" ambiance.

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