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Default Friends just got back from a VTG Singles Alaska cruise and..

My two gal friends were roomies and they got along great. They each did their own plans for tours. They said in rained every day.... more like a summer sprinkley rain... it comes and goes. There was also lots of fog near the glaciers so the Sun Princess Captain was afraid to get too close to the glaciers because there are lots of glaciers under water and they have to guide the ship around them plus you can't see the glaciers through the fog. Lots of ships are in the habit of by passing the glacier areas if it is not safe.
There wasn't any snow but lots of green trees and small waterfalls.
They saw whales make a circle because they were feeding off of some fish. They said that was very interesting. They truly enjoyed their cruise.

There was some drama from the singles group. Two best friends got into a big fight over a guy. I guess their friendship is over. There were six guys from Idaho that the gals were chasing after. There were singles from Australia, Canada, Hawaii, and other parts of the U.S.A.
We have one single guy friend from Louisiana who kept chasing the gals until he got lucky with one of them on the last day of the He likes to chase gals just for fun in each cruise.
These are friends that I met on previous VTG Singles cruises.
There were 220 singles that cruised with VTG Singles. There were more gals than guys so the guys had a ball chasing the gals and the gals were also chasing the guys. Overall, everyone had a great time.
One friend said she thought the group was too large because she kept meeting new people each day. I don't see anything wrong with being with a large group because usually everybody finds a few friends to hang around with. It is impossible to hang out with everybody.
They table hop every evening at dinner time so they can sit with different singles but once you make a few friends you usually end up sitting with them each night. That is what I have noticed.
I want to go with Vtg Singles next summer to Alaska. It looks like fun.
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