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Default Anne Campbell now gone too?

I just found by accident the post where Kuki is stating she has left this site. Is it true and why? Well I am sure you won't tell us why but is she starting something new? I see she is still listed as moderater?

I must say as a side note this site has turned into something that wasn't many years ago. I know why but I am sure it won't be changed. Maybe the wrong people have stayed. <If you know what I mean>

This used to be an awesome site, friendly and had a sense of community. This feeling is twindeling away I thought I can say my thought considering I have been on this site now for I think almost 5 years.

I need to correct statement above:Maybe the wrong people have stayed. <If you know what I mean>
What I am trying to say is:What I meant to say was if some of the old people that have left would have stayed maybe the site would still be what it was. But the people who are here now have seemed to turn this site into something that wasn't before

I am truly sorry if I offended anyone.
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