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I just found by accident the post where Kuki is stating she has left this site. Is it true and why?
Sue.. no reason for me to say she left if it wasn't true, now is there?

She left for business reasons, and any reasons for her making that business decision are purely personal. I loved working with Anne for 9 years, both here and at a cruise site before this.... and have no doubt at all that she and I will remain great friends! I certainly wish her well, and she me!!!

I must say as a side note this site has turned into something that wasn't many years ago. I know why
You are certainly entitled to your opinion about any changes you've perceived in the site, but to say you know why is actually kind of absurd. Whatever you may think you know is only opinion and conjecture arrived at through totally baseless gossip, with no knowledge of the facts.

Personally I think CruiseMates has been and STILL IS the friendliest cruise web site on the net, with a wonderful community of members, and as well is chock full of great information about cruising.. which after all is what the site is all about.

Just like any community or neighborhoold people move in and out as circumstances in their lives change. They key to keeping a neighborhood friendly is welcoming the people who move in, and helping them settle in to the neighborhood with a warm welcome.
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