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We all wish Anne the best. It is only for Anne to say why she is leaving. I can only say that I have also enjoyed working with her all of these years and I wish her the best going forward.

But it isn't as is she (or anyone else) is disappearing, they are still to be found, and all will be revealed in due course.

Personally, I am now more committed than ever to making this site the best it can be, and if some people do not like me, I hope (and believe) it is only because they do not know the real me. Most people who know me well, on a personal level, sincerely like me for myself.

Things have been a little quiet here lately, because of Y2C's personal misfortune (so sorry Steve!), and Mike was out of town. But I also think that we are going to soon see a resurgence in activity here unlike anything we have ever seen, so stay tuned.

As for Anne - she is my dear friend. Things change over time and people choose to do different things. Most of the staff here have been with CM since the beginning back in 1999. People get tired of doing the same things over & over, so if you sense a lack of enthusiasm once in awhile, it just might be because we are answering that "can I bring my own liquor onboard" question again for the 1000th time. :-)

Meanwhile, we are all still here, and I have had people tell me I don't open myself up enough, so here I am if you have questions for me, please ask away.
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