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1/ the class still remains gaz turbine generator-equipped, with the diesel being an auxilliary. 2/ Thus, I would think it will retain its GTS name

It's actually up to the classification society to which the ship belongs. The gas turbines are prime movers on electric generators that power electric motors that turn the shaft, so some classification socieites would have assigned the "Motor Vessel" (MV) or "Motor Ship" (MS) classification to these vessels in the beginning.

However, on the subject of #3, there was a beautiful, and revealing pix of GTS Constellation sailing away from Bergen, or Olden....and a close-up frontal view gave me the very solid impression her lounge area on deck #11 was NOT obstructed , leading me to beleive X somehow found the time and the method to clean the CDS remnants off that area, in the recent past.

Or it may have been an old photo of GTS Consetllation... or simply an aspect that did not show the garbage....

Better to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised than to expect the best and be bitterly disappointed.

ALSO, isn't GTS Millenium due for drydock in '06 for the same auxilliary diesel generator installation ??? X seems to be moving fast on this.
Just as well.
RCI wants to do the same thing with their Radiance class ships.

The parent company apparently expects significant reduction in the consumption of fuel, with conseqeunt savings in operating cost. The executives must figure that it will be pretty big if they are foregoing two or three weeks of revenue for a special visit to the yards.

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