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If the figures are correct, approx. 10 million people cruised last year alone. Out of that 10 million, there were a handful of problems that were actually documented .
Out of the documented problems, alcohol was the main culprit. People seem to want to blame the cruise line for whatever happens whether they are at fault or not. I have seen people chastise the cruise lines for people over-indulging in alcohol--- but how many posts do we see in a month's time wherein people are constantly asking for and getting advice on how to smuggle alcohol aboard ship? If the bars onboard don't serve someone, it becomes a huge problem. If they do, they are at fault if something happens. If someone smuggles a gallon of liqour aboard and drinks themselves silly, falls overboard , then it's the old " another person missing on a cruise ship " story that the media loves.

The only reason that this latest episode hasn't gotten the media's attention ( so far ) is that there is honest to goodness blood and guts violence going on in the mid-east which is just too doggone good for the media to pass up.

Regarding actual crime on a cruise ship, I would say that's probably the safest place a person could be. In a couple dozen cruises, I have never been assaulted ( sexually or otherwise ), never seen an assault nor seen verbal abuse heaped upon a passenger by any crew person. I have , on the other hand, seen and heard much verbal abuse heaped upon some of the crew by drunk, rude and pushy passengers.

In perspective, there was approx. 18 thousand people killed in the U.S. last year by drunk drivers. Where's the congressional committe that's outraged over this ? In Washington, D.C. our very own capitol, a few weeks ago the police chief declared a crime emergecy. That managed to get about a 30 second mention on the evening news with no groups demanding congressional action to stop the crime.

The list of people that is always shown as " cruise ship crime victims, etc " is a list of people that goes back for several years. It's not like they all disappeared in the last month or so.
I'm not in any way trying to belittle someones apparent death. It's indeed a tragic thing and I feel for the family. I just believe in fairplay all around.

Since this last incident, how many rapes, murders, assualts, drunk driving deaths, etc,. have occurred here on dry land ? I daresay several hundred nationwide. Why does one incident on a ship garner so much attention---
probably because it's so rare when compared to the millions that cruise safely each year.

Just a couple things that may be worth mentioning-- until fairly recently, ships didn't have balconies for the overly drunk to climb about on. Also in recent years, the building of more and bigger ships has basically exploded
meaning more and more people are cruising. As in anything, the more people means there is more opportunity for something to happen.
I am not at all surprised that people fall overboard. I am , however, surprised that it's adults that do it. I felt that when all the cruise ships started coming out with the balconies, there would be a problem with kids falling over from climbing on the rails. It appears that the kids may be smarter than the adults.
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