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i brilliantly applaud your post... but i raise you the concerns of a young woman...

my own...

as a young woman traveling on a cruise ship... i have found myself in the past 2 years to have more and more ships male crew knowing my name... which while it might not seem like a big deal... half of them i have never met... and the other half i find staring... (some even have the dreaded elevator eyes)... while i never let it bother me because it has never been that huge of a deal, because i place them away in the you can't afford me category and just laugh it off... one day however one of those crew members might become a bit too forward and cross the line... not saying they will but it is always in the back of my mind... the first thing i do when i get on the boat and get situated... i find the security office and the public phones on each deck and memorize securities number... because while it might NEVER happen to me... im am going to take all the precautions i can to not fall prey to a "sexually frustrated" crew member... because while it is only a handful that get reported... it is still a problem...
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