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Gambit, out of curiosity, what cruise line was this on with the attack? I know on RCCL or at least on the ship I went on, Serenade of the Seas, the crew is not allowed to use the public elevators/staircases to go below decks or to their jobs. Apparently they have their own private access near the back of the ship.

I didn't see any "sex-starved" crew members either. All were polite & we didn't experience any open flirtations, just members having fun conversations.

And what ships are you going on that the male members of the crew know your name? Are you going on the same cruise ship over & over these past 2 years? And if a male is looking at you strangely, why aren't you reporting it instead of the attitude of "you can't touch me". You must be doing something to bring attention to yourself if the male members of the cruise ship know you personally by name.
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