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I have a lot to tell you but I am getting ready to go on our 12 th DCL cruise on saturday and have company so will just give you a few highlights and will try to tell you more after the 12th when we return from the Magic.

First, just relax, DCL will take great care of you!!!
The Wonder is pretty casual as far as dressing for dinner goes.
No shorts or tank tops. Men: khakis and dockers are good.
women, slacks and nice top, dress or skirt and top are fine, what I would call church clothes. No real formal night on the Wonder. One restaurant is dressier than others so I take one nice dress for that and hubby takes one pair of slacks and one sress shirt, NO tie and he fits right in.
One night will be Pirate night. You can dress as a pirarte at dinner if you want.
They will give you a free pirate bandana during dinner to wear to the party if you want too. Most wear pirate t-shirts, bu ton the Magic they go all out with complete outfits and such. The party starts late at night and after music, dancing and a skit with characters they will have fireworks shot off the ship and then a buffet out on deck 9 next to where the party was. AWESOME party for all!!! Dont miss it.

I dont know how long the Dolphin excursion is, but I think it is about 5 hours so no time for Atlantis. You are there about 8 hours I beleive.
The tour at Atlantis moves very quickly but once you are done you can go back through at your own pace as much as you want as long as you leave your wrist band on to prove you paid for it, so if you do this dont be upset it goes so fast.
It is a very good tour, the decor is great!!! part inside and part outside. I think it took about 90 minutes, maybe less.

February os a good time because it is not too hot, but still very nice weather. Your teen will love the teens club. Make sure she or he goes to the open house the first day and then goes there that first evening because they will have get aquainted games to play. That really breaks the ice for them.
12 year old will love the clubs too.
In October the Wonder is due to go into drydock and they will make some changes. One is to add virtual reality area on deck 2 for the kids. I tis great. They have this on the Magic and I've checked it out with grandson who is 12.
Hopefully they will put up the jumbotron screen over the family pool for night movies and after the prirte party they will play the new pirates movie on deck. This is a great experience!!! They show stuff during the day on it too.
Best place to be on the ship is deck 2 or 3 midship. This area has the least amount of movement. If midship is full, then aft is your next best place to be. 2 is the best deck. If he is out of the cabin and feels queasy, go to the atrium to sit insid eor outside that is the least movement in the public areas.
There are lots of things for sea sickness without all the medicines too.

Even the non drowsiness formulas can make you drowsy. other things are wrist bands, they work with pressure points, green skinned apples, ginger tablets. Patches by prescription only, but some people have vision problems with them. Doctors will tell you kids have less problems because their inner ears are not fully developed yet. But 12 may be about developed. If your child takes meds for this, start before you get to the terminal and continue without interuption for best effect.

But tell your son that both DCL ships have awesome stabilizers!!! Plus the seas going to nassau are very calm. we went for the 8th time to Nassau in May and it was smooth sailing!!! Every time!!!

The feeling when the ship first starts to move will feel very weird for about an hour til you get use to it.
My gosh I have really gotton carried away here!!
I have so much packing to do, i will get back to you with somethings you wont find in abook or on a DVD that is fun for you to do.

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